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California labor laws are complex. Many companies are sued for wage and hour violations, and these lawsuits can financially break businesses. Litigation is expensive, particularly when it is protracted; so, too, is paying unreasonable settlements or awards of damages. Many insurers exclude wage and hour coverage from their employment practices liability insurance policies. When this coverage is included, the cost of insurance premiums may increase notably, and as a result, some companies are simply not covered for these types of claims. Whether you are concerned about employee claims involving minimum wage, overtime, employee uniforms, or meal and rest breaks, consult the experienced Los Angeles wage and hour defense attorney Ben Mehdian. He has many years of success and seeks best results in litigation for each of his clients.

Wage and Hour

Wage and hour claims, which come up when nonexempt or non-salaried employees complain that they have not been fairly compensated under the law, can be very frustrating for employers. While the Fair Labor Standards Act defines federal rules around minimum wage and overtime, the state of California has its own highly intricate labor laws, which provide aggressive protections for workers.

Defending Against Los Angeles Minimum Wage Violations

The minimum wage for California employees is significantly higher than the federal minimum wage, and certain cities and counties have set an even higher minimum wage. Los Angeles companies must take care to not have employees work off the clock. However, independent contractors are not covered by the same rules as employees. For that reason, some employers classify workers as independent contractors; certain elements must be met to classify a worker as such. Employee classification is a potentially complicated area in which an employer who believed they were doing the right thing can find themselves hit with a significant and damaging lawsuit.

Handling Overtime Lawsuits

In California, nonexempt employees are supposed to be paid overtime when they work more than 8 hours in a workday or more than 40 hours in a workweek. For hours worked beyond 8 hours in a workday up to 12 hours in the same day, employers are required to pay nonexempt employees at 1 ½ times their regular pay rate. The same time-and-a-half rate applies to the first 8 hours worked on the employee’s seventh consecutive day of work in a work week. Moreover, the employer must pay an employee double time for all hours worked over 12 hours in a workday and all hours worked beyond 8 on the seventh consecutive day of work in a work week. These regulations do not apply to independent contractors. Additionally, certain exemptions may apply to the situation; our lawyers may be able to raise these as part of your company’s defense to show why a particular claimant was paid as he or she was.

Protecting Your Company From Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Wage and hour claims are common. They often arise because an employee accuses the employer of paying improper wages with regard to minimum wage or overtime or withholding wages. In some cases, employees file these claims when they quit a job or are terminated. The situation can be more complex when an employee, or group of employees, files a class action wage and hour lawsuit while they are still employed. Under those circumstances it is imperative to seek legal counsel immediately, and not take any sort of adverse employment action that could be grounds for the employee to bring a retaliation claim and jeopardize the wellbeing of the company.

Consult a Seasoned Los Angeles Wage and Hour Lawyer

If your business has been sued for a wage and hour violation, it is important to retain an experienced Los Angeles employment defense attorney. Ben Mehdian of Mehdian Law, APC can develop a bold, fearless strategy to provide the strongest possible defense for your company. Call us at (844) 463-4342 or (310) 889-0706 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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