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Mehdian Law, APC provides sophisticated, client-driven legal representation for people, businesses, and institutions involved in business, employment and catastrophic personal injury litigation. Our strategies are nimble and results-oriented to help ensure a client’s best outcome. Most clients seek services that are both efficient and economic—we provide exceptional legal representation, seeking pre-trial resolution when appropriate, but aggressively fighting for clients at trial, when resolutions outside the courtroom aren’t possible. Complicated legal matters require the careful attention of an attorney who is familiar with relevant laws, tactics used by opposing counsel, and the smartest experts and mediators. At times, business and employment issues are both the subject of a complex lawsuit, and we bring to bear masterly approaches to these crossover matters, as well. Our firm also represents plaintiffs in catastrophic personal injury lawsuits. If you need a sophisticated, client-centered Los Angeles business litigation or employment defense attorney, call Ben Median at Mehdian Law, APC. He was named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers for 2022-2024. 

Los Angeles Lawyers for Business, Employment, and Catastrophic Injury Litigation 

Our principal Ben Mehdian provides knowledgeable and fierce advocacy to plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of lawsuits, including those that involve the following: 

  • Breach of contract;
  • Fraud;
  • Employment litigation;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes;
  • Professional negligence; and
  • Catastrophic personal injury. 

Los Angeles Business Litigation

Our firm represents partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, joint ventures, and trusts in business lawsuits. Among the legal disputes that frequently arise with are those involving breach of contracts, buy-sell, purchase agreements, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and purchase agreements. However, businesses also develop challenging internal conflicts with disputes about formation, private offers, shareholder rights, and unfair competition. Business litigation may arise in the context of property disputes, such as those involving leases and commercial leases or in an employment context, such as with noncompetition agreements and theft of trade secrets or customers. Hiring an attorney like Mr. Mehdian, who understands litigation in multiple areas can make a difference to the outcome of a complex case.

Employment Defense in Los Angeles

In California, employment is at-will, meaning that employers have the power to terminate an employee or worker for any reason or no reason, but there are limits to that right. Employers must abide by a vast array of regulations and laws, not only during the relationship but upon termination. Workplace litigation involves legal disputes that arise between employees and employers and may involve:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Harassment or retaliation based on employees’ protected characteristics
  • Whistleblowing
  • Wage and hour
  • Breach of contract including breach of noncompete agreements, and violations of public policy. 

Some lawsuits are brought when an employee is still on the job, such as a wage and hour suit to recover overtime wages or minimum wage. Likewise, some employees blow the whistle on the job while still working for an employer, and these cases require particular sensitivity and care due to employee fear of retaliation.  When an employer terminates an employee in violation of a law put in place to protect him or her, they may be able to seek back pay, front pay, lost employee benefits, compensatory damages, and in some instances, reinstatement in their prior job. For instance, a former employee might have a wrongful termination case if they were terminated due to their race, national origin, or sex. 

Class action certification is frequently pursued when there are a group of claims brought against the employer because the individual actions are worth too little for a reasonable plaintiff’s attorney to take on. While it’s important for a business to have counsel when it’s threatened by an individual employment lawsuit, it is absolutely critical to bring on a strategic class action attorney immediately when a group of employees seem to be banding together to bring a class action lawsuit. To pursue a class action, the plaintiffs must ask the court to certify the class by showing the proposed members of the class meet certification requirements, and this is a pivotal moment for whether or not the class action goes forward; it may be possible to stop the class action at this stage.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Injuries that dramatically change a claimant’s life are called catastrophic injuries. Often they result in a need for lifelong medical treatments, numerous surgical procedures and challenging recoveries, all of which can prove expensive. These injuries can include amputations, serious spinal cord damage, fourth degree burns, brain damage, multiple fractures, and organ damage. In order to establish liability for most of these types of lawsuits, our lawyers will need to establish negligence, which requires us to establish that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care but violated that duty, thereby causing him or her injuries and losses. Damages that may be recovered should we be able to establish liability include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and replacement services. 

Consult a Seasoned Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

Business and employment litigation requires tenacity and a strong understanding of laws related to contracts, corporate governance, discrimination, property law, as well as knowledge of industry practices and business needs. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. If you need an honest and professional assessment of your case, please call (844) 463-4342 or (310) 889-0706. You may also email Lost Angeles attorney Ben Mehdian directly at

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I have many Great things to say about Ben and His firm! He was very Enthusiastic and professional when handling my case.He addressed any questions I had very quickly and got me the best doctor care. I highly...

- Chamere Salter

Ben and his team are legal experts that always go above and beyond for their clients. Ben has the legal expertise with a conversational finesse to best help you in your legal problems.

- Muzzamil Ayaz

Ben is an amazing attorney! He is professional, proactive, and breaks down anything that might be unclear so that even a first grader can understand. As long as you do your part and follow the process, you will...

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