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Numerous federal, state, and local laws affect businesses and their internal relationships, as well as their relationships to external parties, such as vendors, clients, and competitors. Serious consequences may occur when a business fails to abide by its legal obligations, but equally, there are delicate circumstances in which a business is not able to meet certain requirements and faces a lawsuit as a result. Sometimes a dispute requires a fresh approach by a skillful and knowledgeable advocate. If your business becomes embroiled in a controversy, it is critical to retain a seasoned Los Angeles business litigator able to develop sophisticated strategies to pursue legal recourse on the business behalf. Whether through negotiated settlements or awards at trial, Ben Mehdian can evaluate the facts of your dispute in light of the laws applicable to it and determine a bold and fearless strategy.

Pursue Legal Remedies by Consulting a Business Litigation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Mr. Mehdian represents businesses in various industries in connection with breach of contract, partnership disputes, purchase and sales agreement disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, employment law, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, and other matters. Each of these practice areas is governed by multiple federal, state, and local laws, as well as regulations.

Breach of Contract Lawsuits

Many business disputes involve breach of contract or disagreement about what a contract with a party outside the company calls for. Contracts are legal agreements between two parties that give rise to duties and obligations for both of them. If your company enters into a contract, you will not only have a legal obligation to fulfill requirements under the contract, but also the right to expect that the other party or parties will also fulfill their end of the bargain. Contractual breaches occur when one party to the agreement doesn’t fulfill a legal obligation created by the contract. Breaches may involve major or minor failures to perform obligations.

When a party fails to fulfill obligations under the terms of the contract, and there was no legal justification for the breach, the other part to the agreement may sue for damages and other relief, including, in some cases, specific performance. The other party may elect not to perform his obligations, but in some cases, one party has already performed, and in that case, non-performance is not a possibility.

Ownership Disputes

Many businesses are formed due to the shared dreams of founders. However, within a company, among partners, shareholder or LLC members, differences of opinion may arise about the business’s operations or next steps. Common ownership disputes may center on unfulfilled business goals, disputes about important decisions, business failures, economic pressures, and personal life challenges, as well as other pressures from those outside the company, such as those who with whom the company does business.

While a company’s behavior may be determined by the terms of a written agreement, such as a partnership agreement, there are also situations in which those terms are ambiguous such that the parties disagree about what they mean. In other cases, the agreement may not have been put into a writing at all. Ownerships disputes can involve complex human relationships, and it is crucial to select a business litigation attorney based in Los Angeles who has a savvy understanding of competing interests, as well as the law, and can use those to achieve the best results in your case.

Business Torts

We represent clients in cases that involve commercial injury due to wrongful business conduct including breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, theft of trade secrets such as customer lists, tortious inference with contract, false advertising, and other business torts or unfair competition.

Retain an Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

Whether you are protecting your own interests or defending against another company’s pursuit of remedies, engaging in legal disputes can be stressful and difficult. Litigation can turn expensive, and uncertain. However, retaining a seasoned Los Angeles business litigation attorney can make a huge difference to the outcome of your case. Call Mehdian Law, APC at (844) 463-4342 or (310) 889-0706 or contact us to schedule a consultation concerning your litigation needs. Ben Mehdian uses his many years of experience to review a client’s particular situation and provide not only an honest assessment of the case, but a smart and effective strategy to achieve the desired results.

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Ben is an amazing attorney! He is professional, proactive, and breaks down anything that might be unclear so that even a first grader can understand. As long as you do your part and follow the process, you will...

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